In its bid to provide up-to-date information on various learning needs of library users, particularly scholars and researchers, the Harare City Library's well-equiped computer lab has access  to e-books and e-journals provided by some renowned publishers. We have selected trustworthy websites/databases which provide free and reliable  content. Our library users can access these e-resources through our desktop or wi-fi internet service or through remote access. Remote access makes it easy for researchers to access the e-resources from home or wherever they are. One only needs to subscribe with the library and follow the procedures.You will be trained on how to effectively utilise these resources for your research on a one-on-one basis.There is a small fee paid to gain access.





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Harare City Library collects materials in a variety of popular formats, which Support its function as a major information source for the demanding needs of its users. The collection also serves the popular and recreational needs of the general public, and reflects the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of the community.
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