Harare City Library Act

Acts 24/1961, 26/1968, 4/1983, 22/2001; R.G.N 59/1974.

1. Short title.
2. Interpretation.
3. Establishment and constitution of Harare City Library trustees.
4. Harare City Library Trust.
5. Transfer of former museum section to Trustees of the National Museum.
6. Powers of Board.
7. Purposes of Trust.
8. Harare City Library Committee.
9. Tenure of office of Committee.
10. Election and appointment of members of Committee.
11. Leave of absence.
12. Vacancies.
13. Chairman, quorum and voting of Committee. 14. Powers of Committee.
15. Financial provisions.
16. Audit of accounts.
17. By-laws.

AN ACT to establish a board of trustees for the
control and management of
the Harare City Library; to transfer the assets and
liabilities of the trust
established under the Queen Victoria Memorial Act,
1951, to the aforesaid board of trustees and to the Trustees of the National
Museum of Southern
Rhodesia established under the National Museum Act
[Chapter 71 of 1963]; and
for matters incidental and supplemental to the

[Date of commencement: 2nd June, 1961.]

WHEREAS the land granted by the Government in the City of Harare for the
purpose of a memorial to Her late Most Gracious
Majesty Queen Victoria, the
building erected on such land as such memorial and
known as the Queen Victoria Memorial and all other buildings erected on
such land before the
2nd June, 1961, have been sold by the board of
trustees constituted by the
Queen Victoria Memorial Act, 1951 (hereinafter
called the former trustees and the former Act, respectively) under the provisions
of that Act and the
proceeds thereof have been apportioned equally
between the former trustees
and the Trustees of the National Museum of Southern
Rhodesia established under the National Museum Act [Chapter 71 of 1963]
(hereinafter called the
museum trustees); AND WHEREAS the movable property, articles and
assets of the aforesaid trust
have been allocated to and divided between the former..............PLEASE GO FOR THE FULL VERSION IN DOWNLOADS

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