International Literacy Day is commemorated annually on 8 September. As Harare City Library we chose to this year to commemorate the day on 12 September and scouted for partners to help sponsor the commemorative event and Gross Care International embraced our initiative. We chose 12 September so that we could involve school children when they had started their 3rd term in school. We made a conscious decision to involve Grosscare as they specialize in gadgets and equipment for the handicapped especially the visual impaired so that we could come up with an inclusive literacy programme. The International Literacy Day theme for 2018 was “Literacy and skills development”. For our HCL and Grosscare joint celebration the theme became “Literacy and skills development with emphasis on the visual impaired members of society”. Unfortunately due to the national commemoration of the same day being scheduled for Friday 14 September (just 2 two days after the one at Harare City Library) at St.Alberts in Centenary, UNESCO and the ministry of primary and secondary education could not attend as they were preparing for the national commemoration. The programme was largely successful •



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